Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle in the auditions | Ken McKay/ITV


ハンディを抱えながら、飾らない自分をありのままに見せる Susan Boyle の姿に何故全世界が熱狂したのか、ぜひともこのビデオを見てほしい。

YouTube – “Britains Got Talent 2009 – Susan Boyle (HQ, WS)”
YouTube – “歌は心/スーザン・ボイル─Susan Boyle (日本語字幕版)


Guardian: “Susan Boyle: a dream come true” by Leigh Holmwood: 18 April 2009

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一週間前まで彼女は無職で、ボランティアワーカーだった。ネコのペブルズがいるだけの一人暮らし。テレビの視聴者に語ったように「キスされたことすらなかった。」それがどうだ。 彼女はアメリカでトップヒットアルバムを出すと Simon Cowell[番組の創設者で審査員]がいうのだ。

Just a week ago, Boyle was an unemployed charity worker living alone with her cat Pebbles and, as she informed TV viewers, had “never been kissed”. Now Simon Cowell says she will have a US No 1 album.

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9人の末っ子に生まれた Boyle は出産のとき酸素欠乏に陥り、その結果学習障害(LD)になった。「うちの家族はみんな歌が好きだった。いつも音楽があった。父もみなそうだった。私もいつも歌っていた。私には歌の血が流れている。12才のとき初めて学校行事に出た」と彼女は語る。

The youngest of nine children, Boyle suffered oxygen deprivation during birth, resulting in learning disabilities. “I come from a musical family,” she says. “It has always been there, from my father down. Singing is always something I have done. It has been in my blood since I was 12 and took part in school productions and shows.”

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“I expected people to be a wee bit cynical,” she says. “But I decided to win them round. That is what you do. They didn’t know what to expect. Before Britain’s Got Talent, I had never had a proper chance. It’s as simple as that. You just have to keep going and take one step at a time and one day you will make it. You just don’t give up.”

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“Susan’s story – her mother’s death and her devotion to her and also never having had a boyfriend or been kissed – and the way she looks also helps. It tugs on everyone’s heartstrings. Then she opens her mouth and everything changes. It is a dream come true.”

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Clifford[Max Clifford:Simon Cowell の PR 代理人]はいう。Boyle の飾らない自然さがひとの心に訴えたのだ。これは急に変えようと思ってそうなるもんじゃない。

Clifford says that Boyle’s appeal is her naturalness and that you won’t suddenly see her given a makeover.

ショーの全てを握っている Simon と事前に打ち合わせたことといえば、ありのままの彼女を見せようということだけだった。宣伝や情報操作とは違うのだ。ありのままを見せればいい。それが一番いいことだ。賢明な視聴者ならきっと応えてくれる、と。

“All the conversations I have had with Simon who runs and controls things is to just let her be herself. This isn’t about spin or a PR creation, it is a natural phenomenon. That is the lovely thing about it. If you are sensible, you respect that.”

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・望湖庵日記: “この天使の歌声を聴け“: 17 April 2009

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