Psystar は何が問題なのか


Psystar vs. Apple

Psystar をめぐる裁判はいまひとつ分りにくい。

OSNews が問題点を丁寧にまとめている。


OSNews: “What Is the Issue in the Psystar Case?” by Nescio: 08 March 2009

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Numerous irrelevant issues and feelings about them are ventilated in comments on the case. However, there are only two important issues. One is what the law is, the other is what we think the law should be.

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EULA の問題点

Let us imagine that I have two computers on the desk, and that I have bought two copies of OSX in the retail store. These machines have pretty much the same components, however one was bought from Apple, though I have replaced the hard drive, and the other was self assembled.

I boot from the bought copy on each machine, and now comes the interesting part. The copies will install in the same way on both machines. On both machines I am presented with a EULA. This EULA is a second agreement. The first agreement I entered into was with the store, and it was a purchase agreement for a copy of OSX. Now I am being asked to enter into a new and different agreement, independently of the first, with Apple. This agreement will among other things restrict what I install the copy on.

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