YouTube はオバマの味方(それとも逆?) Your Weekly Address from the President-elect

YouTube 大統領の登場だ・・・

CNET: “Obama appoints YouTube (Google) as secretary of video” by Dan Farber: 16 November 2008

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It’s great that President-elect Barack Obama is delivering his regularly scheduled Saturday address in both audio and video form. After using the Internet to help him get elected and connect with younger voters, it’s clear that his team will continue to exploit the media to deliver its messages and stimulate dialog.

Obama has chosen to upload the video of his Saturday address to Google’s YouTube, by far the most dominant video-sharing service, and embed the video on his transition site.

     *     *     * “Your Weekly Address from the President-elect” by The Obama-Biden Transition Team: 15 November 2008

TechCrunch Japanese: “オバマは「炉辺雑談」もYouTubeで配信する” by Erick Schonfeld: 15 November 2008[satomi 訳]

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オバマ氏は本当は BlackBerry がお好きのようだが・・・

New York Times: “Say Goodbye to BlackBerry? If Obama Has to, Yes He Can” by Jeff Zeleny: 15 November 2008

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