The Electronic Wasteland

E Waste


Where do the millions of computer monitors, cell phones and other electronic refuse our society generates end up?

60 Minutes のドキュメンタリービデオは実にショッキングで考えさせられる。[→ Engadget

・CBS News: “Following The Trail Of Toxic E-Waste, 60 Minutes Follows America’s Toxic Electronic Waste As It Is Illegally Shipped To Become China’s Dirty Secret“: 09 November 2008
・Engadget: “Video: China’s wasteland of toxic consumer electronics revealed” by Thomas Ricker: 10 November 2008
・CrunchGear: “Video: E-Waste in China, a toxic industry” by Devin Coldewey: 10 November 2008
・TechCrunch Japanese: “[CG]E-Wasteに蝕まれる中国“: 12 November 2008

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