Paul Krugman ノーベル経済学賞受賞

Paul Krugman
Paul Krugman | Jessica Kourkounis/New York Times

経済学者でニューヨークタイムズの人気コラムニスト Paul Krugman がノーベル経済学賞を受賞。


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New York Times: “Krugman Wins Economics Nobel” by Catherine Rampell: 13 October 2008


“To be absolutely, totally honest, I thought this day might come some day, but I was absolutely convinced it wasn’t going to be this day,” Mr. Krugman said in an interview on Monday. “I know people who live their lives waiting for this call, and it’s not good for the soul. So I put it out of my mind and stopped thinking about it.”

Paul Samuelson Krugman

“I praise today’s prize as being deserving and even overdue, but more than that I reproach the Pulitzer committee, which owed him at least a couple of prizes in the past,” said Paul A. Samuelson, a previous winner of the Nobel in economic science. “Paul Krugman is the only columnist in the United States who has had it right on almost every count from the beginning.”

Jagdish Bhagwati Krugman

“Lots of people are saying to me, ‘Why didn’t you get it?’” said Jagdish Bhagwati, an economics professor at Columbia who helped Mr. Krugman publish one of his seminal papers when other academics thought it was too simple to be true. “Given the fact that I didn’t get it, this is the next best thing.”

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New York Times: “Back Story With Paul Krugman [mp3]”

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New York Times: “Financial Russian Roulette” [Opinion] by Paul Krugman: 14 September 2008

New York Times: “Don’t Cry for Me, America” [Opinion] by Paul Krugman: 18 January 2008

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