PC はコンピュータじゃない、タイプライターだ!

Jim Cramer

TheStreet.com | Cramer: Apple Dominates the Teen Scene

TheStreet.com の Jim Cramer いわく、「13才のこどもを見てごらん。PC はコンピュータなんかじゃない。親が使う旧時代のもの、いわばタイプライターだ。彼らにとってコンピュータとはマックなのだ。」

I don’t believe anybody’s going to ask for a HP or a Dell when they go to college… They’re going to ask for a Mac. It’s a remarkable pull. And unless you’ve seen kids use [Macs], I just don’t think you understand why Mac sales, beginning in February, have begin to accelerate. Go spend some time [with a] 13-year-old. [Windows PCs] are not computers, those are things that parents use, they are not computers, they are these devices that parents got because maybe they go talked into it… or because they didn’t understand… they’re not computers; a computer is a Mac. Like an iPod is your music device, a Mac is your computer – and those other things are just things that were from another day. They might as well be typewriters to these kids… It only takes one session of watching your kids to know that the other companies that make these devices are irrelevant.

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