A Petrodollar Tsunami Is Coming

Dick Locher


Morgan Stanley の Stephen Jen と Charles St-Arnaud によれば・・・

Seeking Alpha | Morgan Stanley: A Petrodollar Tsunami Is Coming

These oil-exporting countries, with the exception of Russia, cannot fully spend the oil receipts, and therefore much of these trade surpluses will be channeled into the global financial markets… [A] good part – we guesstimate half or so – of these cumulative receipts will be recycled through SWFs. Thus, while there might be a lot of focus on foreign sovereign entities acquiring strategic assets, the root cause of this trend is high oil prices… [B]ulging petrodollars will keep global long-term interest rates artificially low, in our view. As the US savings-investment deficit shrinks, excess global savings are likely to intensify, forcing the world’s cost of capital lower.”

In the words of Jen and St-Arnaud, a petrodollar tsunami is coming.

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