What’s wrong with the MacBook Air?

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MacBook Air の何が悪かったのか?

AppleInsider | What’s wrong with the MacBook Air?


最近は AppleInsider も、いわゆる噂系から完全に頭ひとつ抜け出した感じだ。

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Instead, all three Apple products aimed at delivering a strong and appealing design to the point where their specification numbers faded into the background. Apple markets its products, not as a list of GHz and GB numbers, but the same way top automakers do: as well built and attractively crafted machines that have enough under the hood so that they just work. Most car buyers are swayed by sexy designs they find appealing or the utilitarian practicality they need rather than the foot pounds of torque the vehicle’s engine provides at a given RPM range.

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AppleInsider | MacBook Air (HDD model): an in-depth review

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