Bill Gates last day at Microsoft



バルマーの最後の「See you tomorrow!」がオチ。今後の彼の役割が窺われる。

YouTube Video | Video of Bill Gates last day at Microsoft – CES 2008

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Bill Gates “rocks” CES

I won’t long remember much of the content of his CES 08 keynote, but I will remember this important lesson by Bill Gates on leadership and communication: Take your message, your job, and your cause very seriously, but do not take yourself so seriously. I respect a leader tremendously who can laugh at himself (or herself).

One example of Bill poking fun at himself was this video below which was part of the keynote. It takes a confident leader to put himself in such ridiculous situations. My favorite part was Bill in the gym—hysterical!

Presentation Zen | Bill Gates “rocks” CES

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