Apple Looking Less Shiny? Look Again


BusinessWeek | Peter Burrows

There was little loving for Apple on Wall Street after Steve Jobs delivered his keynote speech at his company’s Macworld Conference & Expo on Jan. 15. The company’s shares fell 5.5%, more than twice the 2.5% decline by the tech-laden Nasdaq Composite Index, as analysts and investors digested news of an ultra-slim laptop, a video rental service, and a much improved Apple TV set-top box. The lineup satisfied the Mac fans in the crowd, but none of it was unexpected or as dramatic a move as the introduction of the iPhone at last year’s show.

But longtime Apple watchers say the disappointment won’t last

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One Comment on “Apple Looking Less Shiny? Look Again”

  1. Arageo より:


    FYI—-いまD. Pogueの最新ポスト”Explaining the Macintosh Surge”が面白いです。
    Mac salesがなぜ2007に急増したかについて、読者のコメントが白熱していますーーーお題が”なぜ成功しているか”なので、Mac fun boyには心地よい分析ばかりですこしくすぐったいですが。よかったらごらんください。


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