Thin MacBook Laptop Concept Images

Macbook Nano

by kontheur

ウワサの小型 MacBook の画像オンパレード!


Mac Rumors: “Thin MacBook Laptop Concept Images” by Arnold Kim: 05 January 2008

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With Macworld approaching, many concept designs are circulating to demonstrate how Apple might design the upcoming “thin” notebook. Our multitouch article generated a long discussion with a number of unofficial mockups posted. The most attractive, perhaps, is this image posted by kontheur:

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どうやら 2006 年出願のワイドトラックパッドの特許がみそのようだ・・・


In 2006, Apple described implementing a wide trackpad and provided the following rendition:

Apple describes its functionality as follows:

“the wide touchpad may be a cursor control device having the capabilities of conventional computer mouse devices, such as the ability to point, drag, tap and double tap objects on a graphical user interface, as well as more general purposes such as scrolling, panning, zooming, and rotating images on display screen.”

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