RIAA の来年の標的は「あなた」



satomi 氏の名訳でどうぞ。

TechCrunch Japanese | RIAAの来年の標的は「あなた」
TechCrunch | RIAA’s Target In 2008: You

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レコード業界のこの忌々しい強欲ぶりは一体どこから話を始めていいものやらだが、楽曲にお金を払わない人たちに負け戦を仕掛けるならまだしも、そこから1歩進んで今度は真っ当に楽曲を購入した人もiPodで聴きたがるというそれだけの理由で犯罪者呼ばわりとは、正気の沙汰ではない。[satomi 訳]

Where do you start in arguing against the abhorrent greed of the record industry? It may be one thing for them to fight a losing war against those who don’t pay for music, but to then go one step further and suggest that people who do the right thing and buy their music are criminals because they want to play their music on an iPod is beyond sane belief.

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Washingtonpost | Download Uproar: Record Industry Goes After Personal Use
BusinessWeek | Tech Beat A Legal Assault on CD Ripping? Don’t Bet on It

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