Apple’s Year of Video

Video Rental

Movie rentals on iTunes point to 2008 as Apple’s Year of Video

来年はアップルにとって「ビデオの年」(Year of Video)になるとか・・・


David Zeiler |

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I’m guessing of course, but it would make sense for Apple to set video as its theme for 2008, starting with Jobs’ Macworld keynote on Jan. 15. Video currently is Apple’s weakest link, since its other businesses – the Mac, the iPod and the iPhone – are all going gangbusters.

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The long-neglected Apple TV figures to get a significant upgrade and be integrated into Apple’s video strategy as one of the ways to access the rentals. If Apple TV 2.0 can connect directly to the iTunes Store and includes some TiVo-like features, it could go from flop to hit overnight.

Apple isn’t far from having a killer video strategy. It has most of the pieces in place already. It just needs to bridge the gaps and then integrate those pieces as only Apple knows how.

Then watch how fast Apple’s “hobby” disrupts the entire movie rental industry.

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