The MacMini HDTV revolution



Scobleizer | The MacMini HDTV revolution

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Anyway, how is this a revolution? Ask my son. He now plays World of Warcraft on our 60-inch screen. He never really cared about the HD screen before. Or, look at Maryam. She loves putting pictures of Milan up on it. She also is crazy about Dave Winer’s new thing. More on that in a second too.

But why is this a revolution? Easy. It has a Web browser. It’s amazing how often I use the Web browser on the TV. “But you can’t read the fonts,” I can hear you saying. That’s not true. On the Mac keyboard you hold down the “Ctrl” key and then use your mouse’s wheel to zoom in and out.

The MacMini has totally changed my TV into something that’s NOT just a TV anymore. It’s revolutionary after you use it. Especially when you compare to the Xbox’s Media Center Extender (no Web browser) or the Apple TV (no Web browser) or my DirecTV box (no Web browser).

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Dave Winer | New product release today

ReadWriteWeb | FlickrFan: Dave Winer’s New Photo Viewing Software

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2件のコメント on “The MacMini HDTV revolution”

  1. TK より:

    私の家でも、30インチのAQUOSとIntel Mac Miniを接続して使っています。

    暇なときはGoogle Earthでツアー見れるし、RSSのスクリーンセーバーにしておけばニュースがテレビで見れるし、Ctrl+Wheel Scrollでニコニコ動画をお手軽にフルスクリーン表示できるので、TSUTAYAなんかいらなくなるくらい便利です。 キーボードは旧型Wireless Apple Keyboardを使ってます。


  2. shiro より:

    > TK さん
    やっぱりテレビは 大画面のフルスクリーンですね
    来年は アップルの Year of Video になるとか・・・


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