Zune にテコ入れするビル・ゲイツ

Bill Ipod


そんな記事のひとつなのだが、その本旨より引き合いに出されたマイクロソフトの Zune の話がおもしろい。

Bill Gates が Zune 開発チームに入り浸ってテコ入れしているのだという。

CNNMoney [Fortune]: “Will Apple’s control issues hurt the company?” by Jon Fortt: 08 November 2007

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That’s why Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, who doesn’t involve himself in every corporate project, is spending a notable amount of time with the Zune team. Reindorp, the Zune product manager, said that in an earlier stint at Microsoft, he went five years without coming into personal contact with Gates; in the past year and a half with Zune, he has been in four meetings with Gates, and “I see him around our building all the time.”

In a meeting about a month ago, Reindorp said, Gates told the Zune team to focus on what Microsoft does best — and a key part of that is to “make best friends with all the content owners.”

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