Time Machine の問題

Time Machine

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard の目玉 Time Machine にも不具合があるようだ。

MacNN: “Time Machine issues plague Mac owners“: 08 November 2007

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Time Machine の問題は二つ

A slew of Mac owners are experiencing two prominent issues with Apple’s Time Machine backup software, which comes bundled as part of the company’s new Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard operating system. Numerous complaints began pouring in on the Cupertino-based company’s own support forums, mostly citing either stalled backups or invisible backup sets, according to Computerworld. Apple failed to properly test Time Machine before it launched Leopard, according to Ombudsman and former vice president of engineering at LaCie, Mike Mihalik. “The two tech notes that it’s released clarify what Apple should have done as part of the normal release,” Mihalik said, referring to two Apple notices covering the largest of the problems experienced by Time Machine users.

The two primary issues plaguing users are a near immediate failure to complete backups — which usually occurs after around 10MB of data is copied to the destination drive — and backups that complete but are invisible, making it appear as though the backup was never performed.

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その1:stalled backup

The first issue is a result of improper formatting on some external hard drives, according to Apple. Some drives ship with a Master Boot Record partition, or a segment of the drive designed to point the computer at the proper location on the hard drive to begin the boot process. Drives with Master Boot Record partitions are incompatible with Time Machine, and Apple says users must first format the drive properly before using the storage devices to back up files.

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その2:invisible backup sets

The second issue which results in ‘invisible’ backups occurs as a result of computer names that include non-alphanumeric characters. The special characters in a computer’s name make backups inaccessible and invisible via the Time Machine interface. Mihalik notes that Apple could have blocked all ‘illegal’ characters that would cause a backup to disappear from Time Machine, preventing improper names.

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