Proximic – new contextual search


Thomas Nitsche and Philipp Pieper, Proximic CEO, with Robert Scoble

グーグルがウェブページのワード(word)を見るのに対し、Proximicは字(character)のパターンを見る。つまりProximicのアプローチは言葉の壁が100%ない。ドイツ語でも中国語でも英語と全く同じに動く。 – “Tiny start-up rival to Google?” -SJ Mercury News

同社ではこの文字パターン認識で広告、記事、Wikiをマッチングする。バレーの大手ネット関連のコンピュータ科学者たちも驚きの精度らしく、ブログやSNSに広まったらブレークスルーになるんでは? と密かに騒がれてるわけ。

→[Long Tail World | コンピュータチェス元世界チャンピオンが書いたマッチング技術はグーグルキラーになれるのか?:Trying out Proximic, Google’s Potential Rival

Proximic, today, is releasing a new search platform that’s taken five years to develop. They demonstrate how it could be used on blogs and other places to build related links Widgets and new kinds of contextual advertising. Here Philipp Pieper, CEO, and Thomas Nitsche, CTO, talk about their new platform and also demonstrate its advantages.

→[ScobleShow | Proximic brings new contextual search and advertising platform

So should Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin be losing sleep about a tiny German company called Proximic?

While the notion may at first seem ridiculous, given Google’s strengths and cash hoard, computer scientists at some of Silicon Valley’s biggest Internet companies have been struck by the firm’s promising new search technology.

→[San Jose Mercury News | Tiny start-up rival to Google?

Proximic のサイト

→[Proximic | Home

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