Feist – 1 2 3 4

Ipod Nano Ad

新しい iPod nano は寸詰まりであまり好きではないが、コマーシャルの音楽はすてきだ。

Feist の新曲「1 2 3 4」はこちらでどうぞ・・・

[via TUAW

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Brian Chen: How the iPod ads stole my dream woman

Let me make something clear. I love my iPod; I love my MacBook Pro; I love almost all things Apple. But I absolutely despise those iPod commercials. Whenever I see those earbud-wearing silhouettes on white or neon backgrounds bobbing heads to some obnoxious tune (think “My Humps”), I hit the Mute button on my remote and close my eyes until I know it’s over. And while I love Feist, it really kills me to have to associate her with something I hate.

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もう一曲。「Secret Heart

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